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Welcome to yet another Freddy Fazbear pizzeria! Your job here as a night guard would be easy, right? What about the animatronics? Pfft, They're just a bunch of robots. It's like they gonna start walking and try to kill you or something like that, Of course not! The only real concern is the ventilation system. It's very dirty and always failing to function! and the generator is always running out of gas! I wish they'd pay me quicker but 5 nights is 5 nights... Can I get to it? Maybe? Download and find out if you can survive the Silver nights!

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Clever. I've thought about using mine craft for game models, and after playing this I might

Thank you! I totally recommend you to do that!

minecraft fnaf? well coded btw


not bad

Thanks :D

never mind i found out 

how do you down load it?

You can't on this version, you have to play it in your browser, but you can download the PC version of it here:


although this is pretty hard, it's a good game nonetheless.

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Yes, thank you :D

It supposed to be hard btw


Best minecraft fnaf game ever bro


thanks bro, appreciate it :D


this is good sht


Thank you~ :D

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Very Fun, but hard


thanks >:3




yeah theres no way but i like the way its like minecraft though