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Welcome to yet another Freddy Fazbear pizzeria! Your job here as a night guard would be easy, right? What about the animatronics? Pfft, They're just a bunch of robots. It's like they gonna start walking and try to kill you or something like that, Of course not! The only real concern is the ventilation system. It's very dirty and always failing to function! and the generator is always running out of gas! I wish they'd pay me quicker but 5 nights is 5 nights... Can I get to it? Maybe? Download and find out if you can survive the Silver nights!

For mobile version (and beta release) visit: https://ball56.itch.io/silver-nights-browser-edition


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oh okay thank yo

oh,sorry but yeah the door once I close the door the door opens or it's probably my pc was glitchy and not game. I'm so sorry about this!

Might be the game fault too, if the door seems to be open even if you close it, try to close it again :)

umm this is an wack game It didnt let me do anything I tried again but still I couldn't do anything!!

Please explain your problem in detail, so I can look into it. Also, this game is still in development. You can check the beta version that much more developed at https://ball56.itch.io/silver-nights-browser-edition (Play in browser only)

Thank you :)

okay my problem is once I finished the call  freddy was coming for me but once I puted the bear mask on it glitched when we jumpscare me it's okay if you cant find it or it's just my computer lagging to much please and thank you:D

You suppose to close the door if any animatronic came by the door hallway (Left hallway), mask doesn't work on all of them as the call suggested at Night 1

(1 edit)

Part of Night 1 Phone guy log:

.... they don’t attack their own kind which is why I gave you a freddy’s head mask under the table. when in doubt, put it on, They’re not gonna attack you when you put it on. **Well… it doesn’t work on all of them…** some aren’t that dumb. But again, they’re not smart enough to navigate around the door to your left. **If you saw one of them at the door, close it in their face!** ...


I accidently messed up with the cooler a few times, hah

Thank you for making the video! :D